Termites are one of the most expensive pest problems in our area. Termites are responsible for more damage to wooden structures in the US than all of the hurricanes, tornadoes and house fires put together. Knockout Pest Control gets more service calls for residential & commercial termite inspection and control than for any other pest.

Termites are wood destroying insects that nest underground and seek sources of wood for food. If that wood is an old dead tree, it isn’t a problem. When it is the structural framework of a home or building, you have an expensive—even dangerous—problem. Once termites make their way into a structure they chew their way through wood, creating pencil sized tunnels that destroy the structural integrity of foundation beams, sills, floor joists, weight bearing walls and eventually all the wood in a building if left unchecked. A mature termite colony can contain more than 2 million individuals. As colonies grow they can split up into secondary colonies with new Queens. These new colonies can then feed and grow and all of a sudden you have more than one colony potentially attacking your location.